Roof Cleaning Services in Bothell, WA

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Are you looking for roof cleaning services in Bothell, WA? The best way to maintain your roof is to remove all lose debris with a blower and treat for moss at least once per year with zinc sulphate, a proven method that lets you get the full lifetime out of your roof. As always, no job is complete until we finish with a thorough cleanup.

Composition roof cleaning maintenance

This is by far the most common roofing material used in the Northwest. There are several popular services for composition roofs.

We can simply blow the debris off your roof and treat for moss or perform a complete moss removal treatment service.

Moss removal treatment process – We use wire brushes to remove approximately 95% of all visible moss. Though it is impossible to remove the moss without losing some composition material, this is by far the least intrusive method of removal.

This is followed by a thorough blow off of all loose debris with our commercial grade blowers.

The final step is treatment with zinc sulphate. We use feed grade zinc sulphate (35.5% zinc)

Shake roof cleaning maintenance

We think that the best way to maintain your shake roof is to keep it free of debris, moss, lichen and algae. We accomplish this by blowing off all loose debris with our commercial grade blowers and using zinc sulphate as treatment.

We do not pressure wash and/or stain cedar shake roofs.

Metal roof cleaning maintenance

If your metal roof has a walkable pitch we will use blowers to remove any lose debris.

If your metal roof is dirty or stained with algae we can wash it.

Our process includes using extension poles, soft bristle brushes and a cleaning solution to wash the roof. Rinsing is done using a garden hose.

Tile roof cleaning maintenance

We use wire brushes or metal tools to remove approximately 95% of all visible moss.

We then remove all loose debris by blowing the roof off with our commercial grade blowers.

The final step is to treat using zinc sulphate.

We take great care and make every effort not to break tiles. Our employees are trained in the best method of walking on tile roofing. However, we do ask that our customers keep a supply of replacement tiles on hand. If we break one, we will replace it. If you have one that is already broken, we can replace it as well.