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Roof cleaning monroe

Roof Cleaning/Moss Removal

We will help you maintain your roof. Whether your roof is composition, shake, tile or metal, we will help you maintain it! Composition roof cleaning: This is by far the most common roofing material used in the Northwest. There are several popular services for composition roofs. We can simply blow the debris off your roof and treat your roof for moss or perform a complete moss removal treatment service. Shake roof cleaning: We think that the best way to maintain your shake roof is to keep it free of debris, moss, lichen and algae. We accomplish this by blowing off all loose debris with our commercial grade blowers and using zinc sulphate as moss prevention treatment. Metal roof cleaning: If your metal roof has a walkable pitch we will use blowers to remove any lose debris. If your metal roof is dirty or stained with algae we can also wash it. We do not pressure wash roofs. Instead, we use brushes and a cleaning solution to clean it thoroughly. Tile roof cleaning: We can simply blow the debris off your roof and treat your roof for moss or perform a complete moss removal treatment service. We take great care and make every effort not to break tiles. Our employees are trained in the best method of walking on tile roofing. However, we do ask that our customers keep a supply of replacement tiles on hand. If we break one, we will replace it. If you have one that is already broken, we can replace it as well. AS ALWAYS, NO JOB IS COMPLETE UNTILL WE FINISH WITH A THOROUGH CLEANUP.

Gutter Cleaning Service

We will clear the debris from your gutters and downspouts. We install Gutter guard. Gutter guard will keep leaves and debris from ever entering your gutters. This will minimize your cleaning cost over time and keep your gutters and downspouts from clogging permanently. We offer basic gutter repair including seal seals, realignment and reattachment of lose gutters. We also offer gutter washing. The outside of your gutters may look grimy and dirty from algae growth. We’ll wash them and make them look new again!

Roof and Gutter cleaning Monroe
Window Cleaning Monroe

Window Cleaning Service

We specialize in residential and commercial window cleaning (three stories max). We also clean skylights and sun rooms. While cleaning inside windows, we take great care to leave no trace. We always use drop towels to make sure there are no drips left behind. We also wipe out the window tracts and sills. We use only the highest quality non-toxic products that leave your windows absolutely clean. Screen cleaning is also available. We remove the screen, wash it with a cleaning solution and hand dry it with a towel. (screen brushes do not work) We also clean mirrors and chandeliers upon request.

Pressure Washing

We will pressure wash sidewalks, driveways, patios decks. We also use our pressure washers to clean your house (siding trim). Our pressure washers are high powered commercial grade which means the job will be done quickly and thoroughly, and our cleaning crews are all trained by the company owner to ensure that they can properly use the machinery. 

Our pressure washing services are a quick way to clean up your home. From sidewalks, to decks and porches, carports, to home siding, we can – and will! – clean it all. Let us know how we can help you get your home looking ready for the years to come. 

Pressure Wasing Monroe

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